Welcome to Paul Davis Personal Trainers

Nobody really wants to be overweight and tired all the time...

If you want to be fit, strong and healthy for life - but you really don't like being in a gym full of sweaty strangers... you've come to the right place. At Paul Davis Personal Trainers you never have to share. It's just you and your trainer in your own fully equipped private personal training studio.

It means you get to train the way you want, you never have to wait for equipment, and you never have to feel awkward or uncomfortable - because you know that the only other person in your whole gym is already on your side, there to guide and support you on your journey to a new you.

Training With Us

Are you sick of feeling overweight and unhealthy? Do you need to reduce your stress levels? We have been transforming Brisbane bodies for over 20 years... we know what works and we are so confident that we guarantee it! If you follow your plan 100% you will get the results you want.

Call 0418 732 730 Now and Change Your Life in our Exclusive Private Personal Training Studios.


Some Comments from our Customers...

"I have a new outlook on life where I have put myself first for a change..."

"I definitely notice the muscle increase when I look in the mirror..."

"Paul pushes us to our limits which is not something we would be able to achieve by ourselves..."

"greatly improved my ability to cope with a busy and stressful work environment..."

"I strongly recommend Paul Davis Personal Trainers to anyone who wants results fast..."

"nothing short of life changing..."